Deb Munitz Post Election Sign Off

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Most people are aware of my loss in the election on Tuesday and I share your frustration at the results. I started this campaign knowing that it was last minute, low budget, and was likely to result in failure, but I also felt certain that someone had to start a conversation about the need for fight for something positive - like truth and justice - instead of always fighting. Of course, that being said, I did want to win because I believed that would be something positive for Ramapo. So, even though I did not win, our challenge has to be to continue this conversation.

I achieved so much in only two months since my announcement on September 5th. This was my first political foray. I campaigned independently on my own without a staff or any party backing me. I have been implored by many to continue in my efforts and I want to assure you that I am not going anywhere and I will continue to do what I do.

The biggest disappointment was of course the lack of turnout in certain election districts and this was not a shock based on a lot of feedback collected in the past couple of weeks. Everyone said you need anger to get out voters and you need to say terrible things. Perhaps it's true but its not who I am and not who I want to be. So in same way that crash diets don't work in the long run, hate and anger don't make things better over time. So again, we just need time to effectuate the change we all want to see in the world. Our challenge has to be to continue the effort to move the needle toward transparency, respect and good government.

The existential crisis call to action caused by the DA race was clearly an excuse to rally large numbers of voters in Ramapo to vote Row A all the way and it worked. Tom Walsh didn't need that rallying call to win, but those in power in Town Hall did. But that is the nature of politics. For those of who don't like politics, its okay to hate politics, but it's not okay to sit out any election. Next time, please vote.

What I hope everyone will take away from this election are the key messages that I ran on: the need for governmental transparency, the need for people to fight for something good, which is unifying, rather than against something, which is divisive, and the understanding that we still need changes in Town Hall. While I had hoped to be an instrument of change for all of the residents of Ramapo, I can't do it on the town board so I will continue to stay involved as an active resident. I promise everyone that being engaged in public meetings at Town Hall can make a difference and is worthwhile.


For all of those of you thanking me for running, please consider helping me to clean up the sign. That would be a great way to say THANK YOU. If everyone just picked up one or two signs in their neighborhood and recycled them it would make my final effort easider.

Corrugated plastic made from polypropylene is 100% recyclable.

Let's make Ramapo Green Again!

For people who want to stay informed, I do have an email list that you can join to stay in the loop. But don't just read emails, please come out. It's better than staying at home and watching the boob tube. Just sayin!

Please stayed informed and stay involved. The Town works better when people are watching!

Best wishes everyone,


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