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I was born and raised in Manhattan. I attended public school PS 198 for five years and small private schools for seven years. I grew up in an apartment building in Manhattan. After graduating the Johns Hopkins University, I lived in Brooklyn brownstone apartments that I rented and owned. When I married my husband I moved to my husband’s multi-family condominium in Staten Island for several years while we scrimped and saved up money to buy a house together.

Together my husband Richard and I made the biggest decision of our lives to move to Ramapo and the biggest financial investment of our live when we bought our home. After significant analysis we bought a single-family home in the Village of Montebello in 1993. Ramapo is convenient for commuting to the city, it is surrounded by great places to hike and bike and Ramapo is singularly beautiful. We have proudly raised our three sons here, sending them to public schools where they were well educated. We love our friends, we love our neighbors and we love Ramapo. It is always a good decision to fight to protect what you love.

I worked for IBM from 1984-1989 doing marketing and systems engineering, then developed and ran the professional services department FD Consulting building stock exchange and trading room systems. I have been a serial entrepreneur specializing in operations, business planning and technology since then.

In the late 1990’s when there was a development spurt in Montebello I learned that by the time you saw buildings going up it was too late to do anything about it. Land use approvals can go on for years before there is ever a tree taken down. By the time the trees come down its too late to get involved. So I became civically engaged to learn more. When first Montebello underwent its comprehensive planning process, I was there. When the Town of Ramapo did its comprehensive plan, I was there. I have been attending Town Board meetings, Planning Board meetings ever since 2003 particularly since 2008. While most of my engagement with the Town of Ramapo has been related to land use planning, I have also paid attention to Town government issues from the passing and amending of local laws, paying attention to Town budgets, surplus land sales, purchasing/contracting, and other financial matters. I regularly take advantage of freedom of information laws to find out the facts because facts matter and I organize this information to share with other residents.

After 9/11 when I stopped working in Manhattan and worked from home.  I became engaged in my community and was on the board of the Ramapo Little League for 7 years and the REACH Foundation of Rockland charity for 7 years before resigning to take care of my mom. Within few months I was asked to help form ROSA 4 Rockland to provide respectful, analytical and legal defense of the environment in the face of the Patrick Farm development decisions. ROSA was formed to deal with complex land use issues during the environmental review processes by organizing facts and hiring experts to review and analyze the facts and present them to the involved boards. ROSA 4 Rockland is part of the Rockland Water Coalition and has also participated in fighting the desalination plant. My own personal advocacy has expanded well beyond ROSA and I have made it my mission to educate other residents and community groups in Ramapo and Rockland on how to obtain information and how to relate that information to local laws when speaking before Town boards throughout Rockland County.

I have witnessed first hand the rubber-stamping of the Ramapo Town Board on decision after decision over the year, including the ball field that irreparably financially strapped Town finances. I have been shaken by the audacity with which the Town Hall incumbents have taken over the Ramapo democratic committees and have fanned the flames of anti-semitism over the years to create a political wedge that keeps them in power. Ramapo residents from every single corner or group in town have expressed a desire to vote for qualified, fair community minded leaders but also admit to being frightened by hateful rhetoric. It is time to stop dividing the residents of Ramapo with hate speech. The reason I will never participate in hate speech is not because I am careful, it’s because I truly don’t harbor hate and animosity. It’s simply not who I am.

Good government is what is needed to address the divisiveness. I have been a steadfast proponent for good government principles. This is the reason I was a huge proponent of a ward system. I wasn’t part of the group that started that effort, but I truly believed that it was a way to reduce the rhetoric and bring balance to Ramapo; so, when it came time for the election, on my own I created to get out the vote for the Ward Referendum. If I believe in something I will really work hard to make it happen.

Political Party

I was raised in a family of Democrats. While I grew up in a liberal democratic household, I have always been committed to being independent and was registered with no party for most of my life. I have always voted for person over party, and finally registered for the Green party because at the time I couldn’t stomach the idea that Christopher St. Lawrence would run on that party line at the same time that he was making a mockery of environmental protection in Ramapo. I currently have a pending democratic party registration which will go into effect in 2020. So now I am running on the SAM line which represents a moderate mix and that works for me.

The SAM party will be on ROW H this year and it is a safe place for all parties to vote.

I have always believed that Ramapo will be best served when residents freely vote their conscience. I am asking the residents of Ramapo to learn more about me first hand, meet me, ask me questions, challenge me and then vote their conscience.

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