Full blown slander

A few weeks back I wrote a piece on this site about slander and told you the residents of the Town of Ramapo that I had been threatened by a developer that there would be a guilt by association character assassination. Even I did not fully appreciate just how low those in power would go.

The mailer below was sent out by an unknown sender to the orthodox voters of various villages (and perhaps other locations) without the decency to identify the sender, which is not surprising due to the vile and loathsome nature of the mailer.

The salacious and completely misleading and libelous mention of a non public deposition of me as part of one of the many Patrick Farm lawsuits makes it clear that this mailer came from the Specht campaign directly (he was an attorney involved in this lawsuit on behalf of the Town) or from the Lebovits family who were the developers of the Patrick Farm, who was specially mentioned for the Lebovits political influence in the testimony of Pat Withers in the St. Lawrence trial. 


I am Not Part of Preserve Ramapo and I don't endorse Mr. Parietti

I am not part of Preserve Ramapo, I am only on the Preserve Ramapo email list.

In 2009, I worked on the campaign to get Bruce Levine, an orthodox man from Montebello elected, and I worked with PR on that campaign. That is the closest that anyone can claim that was part of that group. I have never done anything like that since. I get their emails because Mr. Castellucio researched articles that were posted on the website and as someone who values facts and research, I have remained on the mailing list for his articles. Following that effort in 2009, I have kept my distance to the degree someone in Ramapo can who wants a change in leadership. I have voted for some of their candidates in the past, as have very many people who were concerned about corruption in Town Hall and wanted change.

I did not organize the Ward Referendum with Mr. Parietti as stated in the flyer. After spending years organizing petitions for a referendum, Mr. Parietti was able to get the courts to tell Ramapo to hold an election. I was asked by Bob Rhodes in late August of 2014 if I would help get out the vote.  I told Rhodes that I would absolutely not work with Preserve Ramapo on the effort but that I believed in the concept and that I would do something myself because I believed it was a good idea. I still believe that it would be a good idea and would in no way shape or form disenfranchise the orthodox community. On my own, I created the Vote6Wards.org website and I made it very clear on that site that I was doing it on my own. I set up a bank account to raise money and I worked with my own volunteers. I did not coordinate with Preserve Ramapo and in fact I argued with Mr. Parietti about messaging because I did not agree with his anti St. Lawrence messaging.  Due to the shennagains regarding the affidavit ballots, I did work on a lawsuit mostly independently of Mr. Parietti. When the lawsuit was lost I did not have any further contact with Mr. Parietti and he pursued it to the appellate court on his own.

I chose to support my neighbor Bill Weber when he ran in 2015 with Mr. Parietti but I can say for certain that my support was focused on Mr. Weber and not Parietti who was often off doing his own thing. Mr. Parietti did make me aware of the SAM party opportunity and I dealt with my submission to the state myself directly. I made it 100% clear that I would run independently of the rest of the line and would not be endorsing the row H line because there were candidates on the line that I don't support.

I have not been in support many of his speeches before the Town Board and Planning Boards and I have not supported or endorsed Mr. Parietti in this election. If there are people who don't like Mr. Parietti, don't blame me for his actions or his speech. Mr. Parietti does not represent me. 

Ed Day

A developer named Wagshal, who is involved in the Ramapo Democratic machine, threatened me by saying " We have pictures of you with Ed Day!" Of course they do. That picture was from the Journal News. Ed Day is the county executive and as an activist trying to get lawful procedures followed I did pester Mr. Day for over a year about getting the county to enforce the General Municipal Law procedures that were flagrantly being ignored by the Town of Ramapo.

Michael Specht, as the ZBA attorney, actually lied in the ZBA decision about the existence of the county GML review and suggested that the ZBA illegally override a non existent decision for the benefit of Councilman Ullman, who made $440,000 on the sale of land based on that ZBA Use Variance.  I wanted Ramapo to follow state law. I wholeheartedly admit that I pushed the county executive to take action to get Ramapo to follow the  law. When Ed Day had a press conference about passing an executive order that county permits would be contingent on applications following the law he gave me a signed copy of this executive order to recognize my advocacy that led to the action. I stand by my actions to ask the county to push Ramapo into following the law. Ramapo is now doing a better job at their planning and zoning meeting with respect to the GML reviews. https://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/rockland/2017/05/23/rockland-ed-day-development/339113001/

The county did give me an environmental award based on nominations from county-wide community activists. Other environmental activists in Rockland wanted to recognize me for my wetland protection and the county environmental committee agreed. As the presiding county executive, it happened to be Ed Day who oversaw that ceremony. https://patch.com/new-york/newcity/rockland-honors-rosa-volunteer-deborah-munitz

I do not unequivocally support Ed Day. While I support some of his action, Mr. Day does and says things I don't agree with. When the Storm is Brewing video came out in 2017, I thought it was awful and I told him so. When a different version came out this August, I knew that I had to run for office because that kind of video was offensive to me personally, and I believe that the only good way to stop bad behavior like that is to eliminate the cause of the rhetoric - the fear and insecurity caused by an unchecked Ramapo government that no one respects.  There is too much overreaction to the bad government in the Town of Ramapo and I believe that running a good government in Ramapo will help to eliminate the rising anti-bloc/anti-ramapo sentiment at the county level. If you don't like Ed Day's actions and rhetoric then help me to eliminate the causes for the negativity.

Mike Diederich & James Foley

I don't know these guys. I have never worked with them in any which way or form. Until this election, I never heard of Diederich and never spoke with either of them.

Mr. Diederich has contacted me persistently by email and by phone and I have persistently told him that I 100% would not be involved in his campaign on any level. I am not at all in any way shape or form involved in his campaign. I do not agree with many of his stated positions and I have not endorsed him or supported him at all. To associate me with Mr. Diederich in this way is overreaching and slanderous. 

Unlike Diederich, Foley has not even tried to call me or email me. I heard he said something positive about me on facebook somewhere. I can't be held responsible for someone liking me on facebook. That is just insane. 

Foley is a man that I saw and said hello to for the first time at the JCC candidate forum for the first time a week ago and the sum total of our conversation was "Hi." 

I happen to deplore the anti Ramapo banner I heard he created. I think it's crazy that anyone in Rockland county should be spending their time attacking Ramapo. If he has a specific concrete suggestion as to what he would do at the county level to help Ramapo, I would consider commenting on it. I have not heard anything about James Foley's position that I would care to comment on. The fact that Foley is running on Row H is no fault of mine.  


In 2013 I met Michael Miller who was impressed by ROSA 4 Rockland's fact based legal approach to advocating for changes to irresponsible land use applications. I helped Mr. Miller learn land use planning procedures and laws and in 2014 that led to the create of CUPON in Hillcrest. I attended steering committee meetings to help them learn and I have volunteered directly for CUPON Hillcrest. Then other groups wanted to form in Airmont and Chestnut Ridge. I was not involved in those groups or their organizations beyond teaching basis techniques for obtaining information and researching code to some volunteers. 

I did recommend to Mr. Miller that he found a central organization to control the CUPON brand and not let what happened to Preserve Ramapo happen to CUPON. I did help organize a 501c3 in 2018 and I was on the executive board until I resigned this summer.

I resigned because I felt that the groups were being organized too fast and that there wasn't sufficient rules in place restricting the extent of the individual group efforts. I did not personally agree with certain lawsuits being instituted and the divisiveness taking place, which is the opposite of any personal interest of mine in unifying residents concerns over land use processes and decisions. I personally do not believe that any of the CUPON are hate groups. Various concerns about local CUPON chapters are certainly not related to any actions that I have taken. Right now my best effort to end the divisiveness is to become supervisor and bring respect back to Ramapo Town Hall. 

To state that I have backed any efforts to curtail the expansion of orthodox communities via CUPON chapters actions that I have not been involved with and with which I don't agree is a patent lie. 


Rocknet is an open environmental email list started by George Potanovic of Stony Point that shifted into the political arena when St. Lawrence made a series of large land use approvals that were environmentally insensitive. There is not a single email that I have ever made on that email list that can be construed in any shape or form as anti-semitic, if there were, it would have been published for you. Yes there are others who have made insensitive and even crazy comments on this email list, but none of that is my doing.  I have actually asked for a few insensitive people to be removed by Mr. Potanovic but he is a staunch first amendment guy and won't do so. 

Facebook Save Patrick Farm Page

The comment about the "hateful facebook page" is patently untrue. I was made an administrator of the Save Patrick Farm page because I complained to the administrator on multiple occasions that the posts were off topic, and so she made me an administrator to allow me remove posts that I thought were off base. I have never actively monitored it. I have never posted to it. I am not aware of any posting on that page that could cause it to be construed as a hateful facebook page. 

Susan Montemorano rarely posts on that page anymore because she has another page mentioned in the mailer - The Monte Scoop - with which I have absolutely no involvement whatsoever at any time. 


I am not shocked at the attempts of developers to try to tie me to people who, deservedly or not deservedly, are perceived as anti
semitic. I actually posted an article on my campaign website about guilt by association a month ago.

I cannot control who may endorse me, I can only control who I support and endorse. I am forever trying to fight back the anti-semitism real or perceived and  I am running for supervisor because I believe sincerely in my heart that bringing good morality back to the leadership of Town Hall is singularly the most important action that can take place to quiet the haters and refocus everyone on fixing the problems we are facing. I am for government transparency, lower taxes, better planning, lawful Town Board processes and lawful development. 

This awful mailer serves to prove only one thing. The developers and power players of Ramapo are very concerned about someone speaking truth and making smart, rational suggestions to the public at large.  

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