I have been waiting for the lies and slander about me to begin. I just didn’t expect it to start now.

I was forwarded a Suffern Next Door online social group posting by a fake persona that was designed to slander me and sow doubt about my character. The gist of that posting is that someone who endorsed me works for a company that was hired by the Town during construction of the ballfield. We are told that this “relationship” should concern everyone, and that when it comes time to vote for Supervisor, the enemy we know might be preferable to the enemy we don’t know. I am not going to dignify this meritless posting with a point by point rebuttal. This may be the first of many dishonest attacks, so I must now respond. Hopefully, this time, since so many people know my good character, these dishonest tactics by dishonest people will backfire.

GUILT BY ASSOCIATION is something I have been expecting because developers had already threatened me weeks ago to publish a photo of me with Ed Day. What kind of connection to Ed do I have? The county executive chose to recognize me for my persistent advocacy for county action to enforce state laws on land use that led to his executive order. That executive order has finally forced Ramapo planning boards to discuss the specifics of development plans in public. Yes, I am guilty of fomenting transparency. The obvious goal of developers threatening to associate me with Ed Day is because he is perceived by many Orthodox as anti-Semitic and that association might make them wonder whether I too might be anti-Semitic. This, of course, is absurd, as anyone who knows me, whether Orthodox, Hassidic, or secular can attest. 

Guilt by association is an absurd line of reasoning. I am also associated with Michael Specht - my opponent for Supervisor. I have been clear to everyone I meet that I've known Michael for 19 years, and that our children are good friends, and I wish him no ill will. We too talk on occasion and I’m sure that somewhere a picture exists that shows us together. In 2017 I spoke to Michael Specht, and as a friend I cautioned him not to run for Supervisor because I didn’t think his backers would allow him to be an independent leader, and that he would be forced to rubber stamp bad decisions. There remains little doubt that those fears have become reality. I am not interested in spreading lies about Michael and I don’t believe that he would knowingly be involved in spreading lies about me. However, the powers that be, whose interests very much depend upon him remaining in office have never hesitated to play dirty. This is the same play book that we’ve seen used in every election for over a decade now. 


The unknown troll in this particular post lays down the main message, audaciously suggesting "a known evil is better than an unknown evil.” In other words – vote for Michael Specht, even if you don’t approve of him.


Spreading lies and half-truths is condemnable. These are the same techniques used over and over again for a decade plus to divide our communities. 

I can tell you that I have never subscribed to it. I will never call Michael Specht evil and I seriously doubt for a moment that he would call me evil. To be honest, I believe that if Michael Specht himself knew of this nonsense then even he would be offended on my behalf. I hope he tells his supporters that it's time to stop such nonsense, because truth, fair play and civility is what this election is about for many people of Ramapo. I entered this race late because I was fed up with divisiveness and that awful Storm is Coming video made it clear how much a candidate like me was needed. I want to end this divisiveness and the mistrust, anger and hate it generates. Through respect, honesty and good policy we can bring much desired peace, trust and fairness back to Ramapo.

I am not an unknown entity. I am open book with a decade and a half of public service.  During this time I have earned the respect of people from every community throughout Ramapo, exactly because I have always been respectful, honorable and nice, no matter the circumstance. I believe that these are the qualities that the people of Ramapo yearn for in a Town Supervisor, and that my well known independence will be the key to restoring trust.


If anyone reading this posting has any questions whatsoever about me. Just tell me straight up. For example, some people have expressed concern that I am running on the new SAM mixed party line, thinking that this means I endorse all other SAM candidates. This is just another case of guilt by association. There are candidates who I would certainly vote for and there are candidates that I would certainly not vote for. I am running on my own and making no endorsements. So make no presumptions about me and who I am by loose associations. The unique aspects of Ramapo and Rockland County politics aside, SAM is a NY state-wide party with national aspirations and I do support most of the party’s ideals – specifically its goal to provide a platform and voice for non-partisan moderates (like me) who want to work on behalf of all Americans to find common sense solutions to the problems we face. I would not have accepted the SAM ballot line if I didn’t generally align myself with those ideals. See for yourself:

I want no part of guilt by association. Let me make it clear -  I am running independently by myself, as myself, on my own record and for the people of Ramapo – nobody else. I have lived my life as an open book. I am nice to everyone I meet and helpful to everyone who is nice.  I am also a huge believer in fairness and truth, When it comes to liars I am not so nice. When I see injustice I call it out. 

I am well known for data and fact gathering, analyzing information, finding errors and then explaining these errors to the various Town Boards. Why? Because calling out lies and presenting truth is important to me and always will be.

I am not receiving corporate donations or donations from builders. Every donation I have received has been from a real person - not LLCs, Town vendors or other special interests that I have pressured or that I will be beholden to. I will enter Town Hall owing nothing to anyone. That is why I can promise to be fair and truthful and actually deliver on that promise.

Don’t be fooled by the lies. They only prove one thing - there are people afraid of me being elected to Town Hall.

Vote for a Change

Justice, Truth and Peace are my core values. I hope they are your values too. Let’s stand up for what we believe in. The status quo is not working for most of the people of Ramapo. My opponent’s administration has had their chance to prove they were different and they have let us all down. 

It is time for us all to take a leap of faith and try a new approach. My election will be a mandate for new policies and procedures that are public oriented and designed to calm distrust and fear.  I will work my hardest for all of you, each and every day. You will know what is going on in Ramapo. You will see the difference that one person with a mandate from the people to fix problems and find solutions can make! I will not let you down!







Deborah Munitz 

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