Full blown slander

A few weeks back I wrote a piece on this site about slander and told you the residents of the Town of Ramapo that I had been threatened by a developer that there would be a guilt by association character assassination. Even I did not fully appreciate just how low those in power would go.

The mailer below was sent out by an unknown sender to the orthodox voters of various villages (and perhaps other locations) without the decency to identify the sender, which is not surprising due to the vile and loathsome nature of the mailer.

The salacious and completely misleading and libelous mention of a non public deposition of me as part of one of the many Patrick Farm lawsuits makes it clear that this mailer came from the Specht campaign directly (he was an attorney involved in this lawsuit on behalf of the Town) or from the Lebovits family who were the developers of the Patrick Farm, who was specially mentioned for the Lebovits political influence in the testimony of Pat Withers in the St. Lawrence trial. 


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Michael Specht does not commit to transparency and lawfulness. I do.

Dear Voters of Ramapo,

Yesterday I posted a letter that discussed my commitment to transparency and ideas as to concrete suggestions regarding transparency and yet I am still getting questions as to what transparency really means and why I say that the Specht administration is not transparent and does not consistently follow the law. 


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My recommendations are not new, see/listen for yourself!

Dear Voters of Ramapo,

I posted a set platform comments at the beginning of my campaign, and then a list of recommendations that I shared with Supervisor Spect in January of 2018 after he took office in a private meeting. I want to share the videos and letters with you here.

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Oct 23 Journal News Article - Munitz v Specht

A week ago Michael Specht and I were sent the same list of questions to answer. Then the Journal News editing staff pared it down into this article.


Specht No Shows Again for JCC Debate

Every election cycle, the residents of Ramapo deserve to hear from the candidates running for office as to what their platform items are and what their vision is for Ramapo. To serve this need, the League of Women Voters, in connection with other not for profits* regularly hosts a Candidates Forum at the JCC in West Nyack the last Sunday in October. Their policy is "if one party does not attend, that [debate] is not held." Michael Specht has no respect for his constituents and obviously did not feel comfortable defending his record and decided he would not attend, thus denying me the opportunity to present my vision for Ramapo.


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I have been waiting for the lies and slander about me to begin. I just didn’t expect it to start now.

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Suffern Day

Saturday was Suffern Day and it was fantastic event as always.

Deb at Suffern Day with Mayor Markunas and Trustee Hertzman

Deb's Campaign Announcement

I, Deborah Munitz, formally announce my candidacy for Ramapo Town Supervisor
to be held on the next General Election, November 5th, 2019. 

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