My recommendations are not new, see/listen for yourself!

Dear Voters of Ramapo,

I posted a set platform comments at the beginning of my campaign, and then a list of recommendations that I shared with Supervisor Spect in January of 2018 after he took office in a private meeting. I want to share the videos and letters with you here.

I have been consistent in my respectful advocacy to improve communications and transparency in Town Hall. If you want to understand what I mean by transparency, I urge you to actually hear my words for yourself. At the Town Board Meeting of May 24, 2017 (after our former supervisor St. Lawrence was convicted) I repeated and expanded on the recommendations that I made at the Town Board Meeting of May 11, 2016 (after Mr. St. Lawrence was arrested).

Below is the prior video of May 11, 2016, but you have little time so I recommend the later video in 2017 because Acting Supervisor Ullmanwas for more respectful than prior Supervisor St. Lawrence and the rowdy audience of 2016. Unfortunately, not respectful enough to implement any of my recommendations.

One of the my recommendations that I have consistently made is to post public meetings online and I believe that it is important to see and listen for yourself at how different the record of Town Board meetings would be if videos were available versus just minutes.

The minutes of May 11, 2016 simply states: "Deborah Seidman Munitz - 5 Rose Hill Road, Montebello, NY - read a prepared statement regarding appeal to Town Board to address “key issues”; gave copy to Town Board." There were no details provided regarding my recommendations. My letter to the Town Board was 2 pages and can be read here.

The minutes of May 24, 2017 states: "Deborah Munitz- 5 Rose Hill Road, Montebello, NY - commented on previous comments addressed to Town Board; requested notices be on website with agenda; made various recommendations regarding communication between the Town of Ramapo and public during and between meetings." There was no details of the fact that I submitted a 3 page letter with  recommendations that can be read here.

I believe that respectful, truthful and more complete communications are central to good governance and rebuilding the trust that Ramapo Town Hall is lacking and I have been consistently proposing just this for over three years now. This is not an election campaign promise, this is a personal core belief.

Thank you,

Deborah Munitz



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